Mini Gas Lamp

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Mini Gas Lamp Empty Mini Gas Lamp

Message  galglg le Mer 27 Nov 2013, 12:28

This is just the test gas lights, three different combustion head.Mini Gas Lamp 289853 
Mini Gas Lamp 737dc019156c69edfaa35a34778529c7
Mini Gas Lamp 79ce6b2e70ef37cacf28025770ce53e9
Mini Gas Lamp 47c53d09ddf33303c8ef72d63d259060
Mini Gas Lamp F6ee51aa46f8451d0ec916e651c0bfd9
Mini Gas Lamp 09ba63eaf7a22de307a555d0675146d1


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Mini Gas Lamp Empty Re: Mini Gas Lamp

Message  lepat le Mer 27 Nov 2013, 21:37

this is awesome Mini Gas Lamp 431767
but in fact, i do not understand how the gas could could stay in.
Is there some pressure ? a valve ?
is it possible to have a small draw of the inside part ?


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